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When life gives you snow, make snow candles

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Son Julian and I just now built a prototype snow candle from an idea mentioned in a cute book called “101 Secrets a Good Dad Knows” (uh oh — I know about three) that Whitney gave me years ago:

(Someone please buy the book so my conscience can call this fair use!)

This is our first try, more of a “snow volcano” because we built it after dark in the cold after and the snow is a bit dry … and I misplaced my gloves.  Brr.  One of the pictures does look quite volcanic, but hot it is not.

The votive candle inside has been burning merrily for about an hour and appears to be growing brighter. Perhaps the snow sides are melting a bit thinner.  It shields the candle nicely from the wind.  It’s a bit hard to tell how bright it is against the pervasive cityglow, but the warm flicker is fun to watch.

Neat to do would be a full enclosure, a snowman with glowing eyes (and vent holes in the top his head!), etc..

I just wish Julian hadn’t kept exclaiming, “Gee, Dad, that was actually fun!”  Actually!


Written by Andrew Wells Douglass

9 February 2010 at 22:23

Posted in Biology, Other

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