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These posts generally summarize a few of the many science demos I’ve done in elementary and middle school classrooms, some of which included my kids and most not. I do the demos because they’re fun and I want very much to promote real science to kids as a line of study and career. Also, I have a lot of projects and equipment from my own explorations, things that most lower grade science labs won’t—now that I’m a grown-up and can afford it, and use these things safely without hurting myself. It’s great to get further use out of my Jacob’s Ladder and so on.

Please be careful about safety. I can’t take responsibility for misuse of the information I provide, and while I include safety information it’s impossible to be comprehensive. I’m not so much saying “do this experiment this way” as “here’s what I did, which you may find helpful.” I’m taking safety more and more seriously as I note my errors, thankfully without getting injured along the way, and I welcome pointers from others. Being safe is important, but I do try to keep it interesting as well, like using fire perhaps a bit more than the school system would like or a teacher can do.

If you’d really like to learn about me (I think the contents of the blog are more interesting!), take a look at my personal blog’s about page. To contact me:


Written by Andrew Wells Douglass

4 February 2011 at 14:21

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